About NEXUS Liquidity

NEXUS 2.0 is a next-generation liquidity aggregation engine developed by Broctagon Fintech Group.Powered by smart order routing, NEXUS 2.0 bridges the worlds of forex and crypto with its proprietary universal FIX API adaptor that aggregates price quotes from top Digital Asset Exchanges and Prime of Prime (PoP) brokers.

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What NEXUS 2.0 Can Do For Your Business

Aggregate multiple top sources of liquidity into one orderbook

Achieve consistent real-time best bid best offer price quotes

Ascend your brand to instantly compete on a global level

Powering Leading FX Brokers Globally

NEXUS 2.0 CFD liquidity creates the perfect trifecta for brokers – to provide the best pricing, execution and asset portfolio in the market. Instantly access deep liquidity on a wide range of multi-assets with razor-thin spreads, consistent low latency. With robust and scalable proprietary technology at its core, NEXUS 2.0 serves to reinforce your current offerings and empower you in capitalizing on new frontiers.

NEXUS Spreads Start From as Low as 0

Leverage Up to

Market Exposure

Execution Speed

Server Uptime



Levelling the Playing Field

The fragmented liquidity landscape currently shared by non-custodial exchanges severely impacts trade volumes and order frequency, resulting in significant price disparity and uneven costs for end-users. With NEXUS 2.0, elevate your exchange with enhanced charts featuring higher tick frequency, improved market depths of an aggregated order book, consistent best bid/ask pricing quotes and the ability to execute STP orders.

Ability to STP

Upstream processing of digital asset deliverables to a larger liquidity pool.

Risk Mitigation

Multiple price feeds with auto source switching mechanisms for higher uptimes and greater operational stability

Unprecedented Market Depth

Aggregated order book for improved prices, higher quote frequency, low slippage and ultra-tight spreads

Best Bid Best Offer

With smart order routing (SOR), NEXUS 2.0 selects the best BID and ASK prices across all connected exchanges to be displayed in your order book.This is an automated process that happens in real time that constantly channels liquidity.

How Smart Order Routing (SOR) Works

Aggregated quotes from top digital asset exchanges are made accessible directly in your order book.

Real-Time/Net Position STP (Straight through processing) automatically allocates the best buy/sell prices via SOR.

Your traders trade effectively across multiple exchanges through a single avenue – Your Exchange