Why Us? Spot Gold and Spot Silver are simple, efficient, flexible and low-cost ways to gain long and short exposure to the gold and silver markets.

Low, Transparent Commissions and Financing Rates

Sigma Primary offers best execution based on competitive market quotes provided by its liquidity providers, plus a transparent commission. The starting commission rate is only 0.20 basis points or 0.0020%. Overnight financing rates for short positions start at only the benchmark rate + 2%, with lower rates available for larger balances  passes through prices from its liquidity providers without widening the spread. The true transaction cost for trading  Spot Gold and  Spot Silver is reflected in our low commissions.

Trade Spot Gold and Spot Silver Side-by-Side with Gold Futures

Trade Spot Gold and Spot Silver side by side from the same TWS quote monitor as gold and silver futures and other asset classes such as stocks, options, bonds, CFDs and forex.

Quoting Spot Gold and Spot Silver

Spot Gold and Spot Silver are traded in units of 1 troy ounce fine gold and fine silver, respectively, and is quoted vs USD.

Leveraged Exposure

Spot Gold and Spot Silver can both be traded on margin.

Spot Gold and Spot Silver Facts

A Troy Ounce is the traditional unit of weight used for precious metals. The term derives from the French town of Troyes, where this unit was first used in the Middle Ages. One troy ounce is equal to 1.0971428 ounces avoirdupois. In the bullion market, all references to ounces mean troy ounces.

The Loco London Spot Price is the basis for virtually all transactions in gold and silver in London. It is a quotation made by dealers based on US dollars per fine ounce for gold and silver. IB’s liquidity providers provide quotes based on this price, including a spread. Settlement and delivery for gold and silver are two good business days in London after the day of the transaction (T+2).

IB Spot Gold and IB Spot Silver are considered “unallocated”, which represents the most popular and straightforward way of trading gold and silver. Credit balances are backed by the general stock of the bullion dealer who has the gold or silver, and debit balances represent the indebtedness of the client to the bullion dealer. In other words, a position in gold or silver is not an entitlement to specific bars of gold or silver, although the latter can be arranged on request by contacting IB Customer Service. There is an Unallocated Carrying Fee of 10 basis points charged for storage. IB Spot Gold and IB Spot Silver are traded through your margin account, and you can therefore enter long as well as short leveraged positions.