EAX Server

1. Historical Data

When doing technical analysis either manually or using tools, a trader needs to have as exact data as possible. In normal server, there is no way to retrieve tick data from the server and therefore one has to depend on chart data or import tick data from an external source.

EAXServer,  you can easily download accurate tick data directly from the broker’s server without looking for it from somewhere else. EAX Serveralso provides a greatly improved chart data storage support in the server, including more granular minute charts. All together makes EAXServer ideal for traders using technical analysis as support for trading algorithms.

2. Charts & Execution Types

In normal server, clients can review previous price patterns from 9 different charts and use them in their algorithmic trading. However, the limitation on storage of price bars in normal server became a hurdle for algorithms for frequent traders. When aggregating the one-minute (M1) data quickly into an average M5 or M15 chart, trading algorithms cannot make precise technical analytics of patterns.

In EAX Server however, the number of charts has grown from 9 to an impressive 21. Also, the amount of bars that can be stored on the high speed server has increased significantly. With these, the clients can now download high-quality and ready-to-use trading data on their first log-in.

Furthermore, EAX Technology has introduced two additional pending order types: buy stop limit and sell stop limit. Traders can now place an order as a classic stop limit order and when the price reaches the stop-level indicated, a buy or sell limit order is triggered.

3. It’s much faster to process orders with EAX Server

EAX Server is built on a 64-bit architecture and is multithreaded. This enables it to work better with parallel tasks for all users and also speeds up back-testing trading algorithms.

Normal server is built on a 32-bit architecture and is single threaded, therefore it has a cap on how much memory can be used. This limits the capabilities for extensive simulations required prior to putting the strategy in play on a live account