Broker in a Box

Instead of relying on several different providers, a startup broker will get significant efficiency and financial saving by letting Solutions for Brokers set up his entire broker infrastructure.

We help you open a company (with license) and open a bank account. Furthermore we provide a full set of web technology solutions (Website and CMS, Trader Room, CRM), help you find a White Label trading platform and can assist you with whatever you need to make your business a success.

We help you in the planning phase, during setup of your infrastructure and support all systems when everything is up and running.

–            Company incorporation and bank account
–            Website and Content Management System
–            Trader Room
–            CRM and Back Office
–            Connection to Liquidity Provider
–            Marketing Assistance

Branded White Label Trading Platform

– MetaTrader 4 White Label
– cTrader White Label
– NetStation White Label
– Actforex White Label
– And more

Other functionality

Make it easy for your IBs, partners and affiliates and let them apply for and manage accounts on your website. They get affiliate links and marketing materials directly from their Trader Room and you can manage everything from the CRM.

IB Functionality Highlights:

Can be connected with any Liquidity Provider(s) to manage and aggregate your liquidity.

All counter-party positions and aggregate positions are shown and risk-managed in just one screen.

Can be connected through the API with any OTC and generic trading system such as MT4 / cTrader etc.

Trading and dealing rules and settings can be managed flexibly in real-time.

Use numerous algorithms to organize your own Strategy Portfolio, a.o. with 3 step parameter setting.

Switch instantaneusly between STP / A Book execution and discretional dealing / trading on B Book.

Trading / Dealing Performance Analysis and real-time Tick Data Analysis & Statistics.

Execution on dedicated hosted servers collocated with LPs in in central data centers (EQUINIX TY3, LD5, NY4).

Convenient tools for dealing and trading like for example a highspeed GUI Order Panel and much more.