Bridge Connect

Automated Chart Plotting

Create highly detailed and non-erratic price charts with automated data aggregation

Exposure Monitoring

Configure and manage your liquidity sources in real-time.

Risk Management

Customize detailed parameters for market making, STP-ing and spread mark ups.

Reporting Functions

Gain insights to your business with in-depth statistical reports on Trading P/L, Risks, Balances and more.

Other Services

Altcoin / Native Token Liquidity

Native Altcoin Liquidity Management

Our precision-based liquidity management system (LMS) enables the mapping of an ideal price trajectory for native tokens through algo-automated execution, achieving credibility and confidence from investors to build towards the valuation and growth of your exchange.

Price Mapping

Implement a successful growth roadmap for your altcoin with our inbuilt parameters or further customize to your needs.

Bid/Ask Rebalancing

NEXUS will auto-regulate market price movement and large volume orders to form non-erratic candlestick charts with volume consistency

API Connectivity

API customization to connect your altcoin price feed seamlessly to other exchanges for wider exposure and STP execution.

Experience a Brokerage Breakthrough

Access Over 1000+ CFDs fully integrated within our risk management hub for turnkey market making and STP solutions.

Pre-connected Bridges for Immediate Onboarding