Aurora Platform

If you need quotes for your platform and the ability to execute trades on the market, we can help you in finding the right Liquidity Provider. You tell us about your requirements and we will help you with the right solution for your business.

For established Forex brokers, HFT traders, hedge funds, professional traders etc. we offer the Aurora Forex Trading and Dealing System, developed and maintained by the Japanese company TSConsulting. The platform has a number of advanced order-routing algorithms which can be used for risk management, aggregation of your liquidity and much more.


Can be connected with any Liquidity Provider(s) to manage and aggregate your liquidity.

All counter-party positions and aggregate positions are shown and risk-managed in just one screen.

Can be connected through the API with any OTC and generic trading system such as MT4 / cTrader etc.

Trading and dealing rules and settings can be managed flexibly in real-time.

Use numerous algorithms to organize your own Strategy Portfolio, a.o. with 3 step parameter setting.

Switch instantaneusly between STP / A Book execution and discretional dealing / trading on B Book.

Trading / Dealing Performance Analysis and real-time Tick Data Analysis & Statistics.

Execution on dedicated hosted servers collocated with LPs in in central data centers (EQUINIX TY3, LD5, NY4).

Convenient tools for dealing and trading like for example a highspeed GUI Order Panel and much more.