About Sigma Primary

“We are the technology provider company with ability and smart facilities to support all traders to deal and connect with any liquidity providers easily.”

We combine aggregated, DMA, Tier-1 liquidity with sophisticated technology and connectivity, to deliver top-notch Prime Services to a global institutional clientele.

Sigma Primary was founded in 2019 by a unit of decennary successful professionals under the supervision of the Broctagon Prime Ltd. who developed and provided the brokerage solutions to the leading Financial institutions worldwide. We are smart technology provider who can bring professional traders to reach bridge trading zone with several liquidity providers on tier 1 level. Our obligation is the technology development for trading confidentially under the fix protocal without execution to any dealing desks.

We served professional traders in over 600 financial institutions either or fund managers with moderate solutions in all platforms you need to execute trades on the market with available most advance technologies nowadays.

Previously, trading with the liquidity providers was reserved for the major funds only. We would bring you to connect to the superior trading with suitable platforms dealing with liquidity providers which were voted for the top ranking by Finance Magnates.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer effective tailor-made solutions to firms seeking confident entry into the competitive CFDs market, and to existing firms looking to enhance their business performance. The foundation of our business model is integrity, transparency and a dedicated, consistent customer service. As a Sigma Primary client, you can rest assured that we will facilitate your growth by customising our products to fit your specific needs and objectives.